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McGrady Risk Management Portal

A comprehensive online risk management and compliance service available to our clients

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Health and Safety

We appreciate that every business will approach Workplace Safety slightly differently depending on the nature of the work undertaken and resources available. That is why we have developed a number of different tools and sections to help you manage your day to day Health and Safety responsibilities and combat any safety issues that you may face.

Are you dealing with a specific safety issue that has arisen within your business?

If this is the case, then you may want to head straight to one of the following sections:

A-Z Guidance - With fully indexed and cross referenced drop-down menus, quickly finding workplace safety guidance has never been easier. The information in this alphabetical content library is regularly reviewed and up-dated inline with the latest guidance. Our articles also include links to any relevant documentation templates you may need.

Ask the Expert - Our flagship service gives you direct and unlimited access to our panel of Health & Safety consultants, who are on hand to advise you on the actual issues you are facing in your business, no matter how specific they are to you. All with a guaranteed 24 hour response time. 

Document Downloads - Do you have an immediate need to write a policy, complete a risk assessment or document a task with a safety checklist? Head to our downloads area to browse our extensive range of industry standard documentation templates.

Are you looking to implement a top to bottom Health & Safety strategy specific to the risks in your industry? Or even looking to overhaul your current one?

Taking all the guesswork out of compliance, our Sector Specific areas put all of the relevant risk guidance for your industry into one easily accessible section.

Get started by trying out our Sector Specific Checklist. here you will find the hazards typically found in your sector - and how to deal with them.

Just click on the drop down box below to select your industry.